CTS Series

Spreading Tables With Conveyor Transport Systems

Technical Specifications

  • Available Operation Widths : 160/180/200/220 cm

  • Operation Length : The standard length is 8 to 10 meters, which is the ideally efficient length in accordance with the marked spread fabric. However, it can be produced in custom lengths by choice.

  • Fabric Types : For all confectionery garments, upholstery and automotive seat cover fabrics

  • Compatibility : All spreading machines

  • Conveyor System : Mat type belt

  • Other : Ability to transfer the cut fabrics to the cutter, automatically or manually


  • The tables can be manufactured in 160, 180, 200 or 220 cm, in accordance with the width of fabrics to be handled.

  • A single conveyor equipped table can work synchronously with a cutter or, it can be utilized as a air spreading table at a chosen length and as a conveyor transfer table for the remaining length.

  • It can be used as a transfer table for a cutter, when placed in front of air spreading tables.

  • Standart length is 8 – 10 meters. It can be optionally be produced at customer lengths.

  • It has built-in rail fixings which enables synchronous operation of automatic spreading machines and a busbar assembly (optional).



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