SRM555 TT Series

Fully Automatic Turn Table Fabric Spreading Machine

  • Available Operation Widths : 180 cm (different widths on request)

  • Maximum Roll Diameter : 50 cm

  • Maximum Fabric Roll Weight : 100 kg

  • Maximum Spreading Speed : 120 m/min.

  • Maximum Spreading Height : 18 cm

  • Air Pressure : No

  • Power Source : 380 V. 50 Hz, 5 kW


  • Via automatic turn table, ability to spread the fabric in pair

  • Via intensive sensor, the ability to spread the beginning of the fabric in each ply in the some line automatic (gain fabric)

  • Preferable language; Turkish or English

  • Ability to interfere with software, in order to spread at fully automatic mode

  • Ability to enter different speed choices, in order to save time during idle turns

  • One way or zick-zack spreading features (Zick-zack is optional)

  • Maximum operation comfort, by means its operator’s seat

  • True - sense safe operation, ensured by privileged safety sensors

  • User friendly touch screen panel

  • Remote connection (option)

  • Automatic fabric re and off loading

  • During the reloading automatic syncronisation

  • Cut the defect fabric

  • Dancer bar for tension free spreading (motor driven)

  • During loading the fabric automatic center

  • Adjustable fabric edge control

  • Automatic stop at the end of fabric

  • Automatic adjustable of the height of oneway cut device and zick zack cut device

  • Programmable driven parameters

  • Manuel speed adjustment via operator control device

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